Thursday, June 6, 2013

Welcome...Back Friends! A Before & After

Hello friends! I hope everyone is having a fabulous start to summer! I am back to share a cute before and after project that I whipped up to bring a little sunshine to my front porch area.
I picked up this sign while thrifting. Yes, that is a $.50 sticker.  Score!  I took advantage of one of our few summer days without rain and got started on my project.

I started by giving the sign a good sanding and followed with a coat of primer.
I followed the coat of primer with two coats of white spray paint.
When I went outside to check on the paint, I caught two large rabbits sitting on my makeshift tarp (hey when you get a sunny day when all you have had is rain for what seems like weeks, you use what you have...plastic tablecloth anyone?) :) Anyhoo...rabbits...they were huge! I caught one with my camera as it was running away.
 After the paint dried, I moved inside to paint the trim and the letters. I found this cute little tester in a yellow color at my local Wal-Mart for less than $3.  I only needed a little bit, so this was perfect, it even includes the brush! ( Yes, I am easily impressed!) :)
My little thrift sign, before & after:
 The bright, cheery welcome sign inspired me to "cute up" (I'm sure that's an official phrase) my front entryway.
I like it. I had a piece of lattice in the garage.  Why you ask?  Good question. If I knew I'd tell you. :) I thrifted the lady bug rock for $  .50 (that seems to be my magic number!) and I splurged and added that cute little gnome. 
I love how $ .50, a vision and some paint can take something bla and make it beautiful.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a fabulous weekend my friends!
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  1. Delightful. Why doesn't everyone spend their days making black signs yellow? Cute scene there too. It has a nice "hanging out" sort of balance to it. I think the white flowers should be in front of the other pots, so they're more pronounced, though.