Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lovely Lime

Are you like me?  Do you spend waaayyyy to much time on Pinterest?  I have boards galore, full of wonderful recipes, crafts and ideas, but I had actually never made anything from Pinterest... until now!!

I found this amazing White Chocolate Key Lime Pie recipe on Pinterest, which led me to Cheri at Kitchen Simplicity.  Her blog is full of so many yummy things, one being this White Chocolate Key Lime Pie!

My finished product!

I knew this sounded delicious but I had no idea how easy it would be to make.  Seriously! It is so easy!  I used THIS recipe from Cheri. The only thing I did different was I used a store bought crust because I already had one and I cheat like that... :) I also didn't garnish it because 1) my lime slices were terrible, they looked like a three year old had cut them, and 2) I wasn't taking this pie anywhere, we were just going to eat it at home and it didn't stay around very long!

This is definitely going to be my "go-to" dessert of the summer! Church dinner?  Check! Barbecue? Check!  Work food day?  Check! Just want to make one because it is so good? Check! Check! :) I do plan on garnishing it when I take it somewhere.  I better start brushing up on my lime cutting skills! :)

I have to say my first Pinterest Project was a success!
Thank you Cheri!