Friday, September 28, 2012

A Wreath & Some Randomness

Has September flown by for all of you too?  Mine has been a whirlwindNot the whole month, but the last two weeks seem like it!
I will start by sharing with you the one and only yarn wreath I will ever make. Seriously.

  This was not my favorite project. I have seen a hundred (maybe thousands) of these on blogs and Pinterest.  I loved them, I wanted to make one. So I did...or I tried to.  

Let me tell you, a lack of patience partnered with a case of perfectionism made this a hard project for me.  I had never tried rosettes or rolled flowers (whatever you call them) and it took me quite a few tries to get something semi- presentable. :)  I love how the wreath turned out, but that being said, it will be the only yarn wreath I ever make. If I say I want to make another one, someone please remind me! Lol :)

 So let me share some other things  I have been doing.
I attended a Christian Women's Conference. It was wonderful, just what I needed. God is pretty awesome like that. :) Three days with my Mom, my sister and other sisters in Christ was amazing. I met women from all over. Wonderful ladies from Minnesota, Texas, Oklahoma, California, Illinois, and London! :)  Friday night was awesome, 27,000 women singing and praising God It still gives me goosebumps.  The whole theme of the conference was hope. 
Here I am rocking my leopard print in front of the hope sign. :)
I have also been super busy getting everything together for my daughter's birthday party this weekend.  If you happen to know me in real life then you know how much I love birthday parties My love of parties and themed parties started long before I blogged  What started out as necessity (DIY because of money!) turned into a passion. I prefer to DIY now.
My daughter has had a slew of theme parties, I think the best ones were the Harry Potter party, the rock star party and the Amazing Race Party (which was her 15th birthday.)  After the Amazing Race party she told me she was too old for themed parties so we have just had low-key friends out to eat parties for her 16th & 17th.  I was thrilled when she told me what she wanted for her 18th birthday.  A theme! I think I jumped up and down!
Any guesses what the theme is ???? :) 
And one last thing! I have been looking for chairs for the craft room/studio (aka as the current garage-it's a work in progress!) I spotted these chairs the other day and they were $3 each, score! You can only imagine my surprise and delight when I found out it was half price day at the thrift storeI almost hugged the cashier. For real. $1.50 each! :)  Have I mentioned how much I love thrifting? 
So this weekend is jammed pack, full of lots of friends, fun and birthday stuff.  We do birthdays big around here! :)
I'll be back with lots of birthday on Monday Have a fabulous weekend friends! :)

I'm linking this post up with Jen at Four Marrs and One Venus for her Stinky Linky Party! Ha Ha! (you know, for my pain in the neck wreath!)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Caramel Apple Cider...Revisited

Happy Fall Ya' all! :) 
Let me tell you a little about Missouri weather.  It was summer yesterday, it is fall today.  Seriously.  I think Wednesday was over 100 degrees, today was in the 60's.  After living in Missouri my entire life, I don't ask questions....I'm not even surprised. It might snow tomorrow, or be a 100 again.  I just roll with it and wear layers! :)
Anyhoo, I didn't waste any time pulling out my hoodies and cardigans and making myself a cup of Caramel Apple Cider. What is Caramel Apple Cider you ask?   I would be delighted to tell you! :)

The first time I posted this I had like four followers: my mom, my sister, Tash and Elizabeth.  I love you guys, but you have already seen this post, so go do something else productive with your time.  I'll be back later this week with a wreath you haven't seen! :)
For everyone else who has joined me since (I love you guys too!) please enjoy! :)
Thanks for stopping by friends! :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Day In The Life

Helllloooo! So, my friend Holly (I love love love her!) and her awesome friend Amy are hosting a  "A Day In The Life" Link up party.  I have so enjoyed reading about every one's day and I decided to join in! I hope you all don't die of boredom...but here goes! :)

 I am in total awe of everyone who wakes up at five or six.....not this girl (you know unless I have to, then I can do it, just not on a regular basis!)
I roll out of bed (slowly, like after hitting the snooze about four times) sometime after seven.  I hit the bathroom first, I can't do anything until I brush my teeth. I'm weird like that. I put in my contacts, do my hair and makeup and get dressed.  Exciting I told ya!
I start my day by spending time with God. I read my devotion for the day and my bible and pray. This is the best way to start my day. :)
After I have my morning time with God I knock on my daughter's door and tell her to get up. I'm her back up human alarm clock.
Then I usually have some breakfast and unload the dishwasher.
Then I will yell at my daughter if she is not already up (Does anyone else have teenagers? Do you have to beg them to get up? Or just my kid?)
Once my daughter is out the door then my morning's are my time. Right now I am working an afternoon/evening shift. I will eventually get back to days, but right now I am actually really enjoying this shift. 
On some morning's I walk
Today was not that day.
It varies how I spend my mornings, but usually I catch up on reading blogs and watching TV shows that I have missed.  I don't have a lot, but I never miss Parenthood, Army Wives (I just watched the last episode-I hope for the season, not forever!) Big Brother or The Voice.  I straighten the house and usually do a load or two of laundry.
Still with me? :) I really hope you haven't died of boredom, that would be sad! :(
After lunch I head in to town to work. I have a beautiful drive and I enjoy my commute.  I tried to take a picture so you could see, but evidently I can not take pictures and drive at the same time.  Trust me on this. :)
Some days (like today!) I come to town early and swing by my favorite thrift store before work.
Then I go to work.  I work in customer service, and I love it.  Really. I do! I usually eat dinner at work.
After work I usually do some crafting (often in front of the television...or the computer)  I take my shower at night and I get everything ready for the next day (clothes, lunches, dinner) and make sure my purse and work bag are ready to go. I straighten the kitchen and start the dishwasher.
I usually read and wait for my daughter to come in, we converse for a bit, and I go to bed, usually around eleven.  Before I go to bed I write down my days blessings and what I am thankful for in my joy journal.

Then I say my prayers, turn out the lights and call it a day!:) 
Thanks to Holly & Amy for hosting this link party, it has been so fun to read about every one's days and meet new blog friends:)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bling a Ding Ding Ding

Helllooooo Friends! Oh my how time flies, did you know it is already September???  For real 
If you follow me on FACEBOOK you might have heard how my laptop crashed. It was sad. I don't have it back yet (still waiting to see if it can be fixed or if a new laptop is in my future.)  In the meantime I am stealing moments on my daughter's computer and crafting up a storm!

While I was thrifting I picked up this cute little spice rack. I paid a quarter for! I ♥ thrifting!

 I didn't really have anything in mind, I just knew I would find a use for it. My daughter asked me if she could have it and if I would paint it turquoise. I agreed. The next thing she asked made my heart ♥ happy! She asked if I could "bling it up." My girl is not a blingy, sparkly kind of girl. I was a little surprised, but I pulled out my big bucket of bling, thanked God that she really is my daughter :) and got to work!  

(FYI-I bought this during a half off sale, I don't buy anything full price!)

First I sanded the spice rack, then gave it a good coat of primer.

 Next I spray painted it turquoise.  My daughter wanted it a little more"turquoisey" so I did another coat with craft paint. 

Once I had it the color she wanted I started blinging it up. I hand glued each and every bling on there. It was little tedious but I love the end result!

Bling a ding ding ding!!!!!

I don't know if you can see all of the sparkly bling very good in this picture but in person it is super cute. So are you wondering what my daughter was going to do with her blinged out spice rack?

Ta Da!!
A great place to store nail polishI need to make me one now! :)
This was just the first of several items that the "bling bucket" is going to be featured in!  I bet you can't wait for me to say bling a hundred more times! :)