Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to School Wreath

Is everyone ready to get back to school?  I have always loved the beginning of school, it makes me happy. I love, love, love the first day of school, when you can see all the kids wearing their new backpacks waiting for the bus or getting dropped off.  Too cute!

As I have mentioned before, I ALWAYS decorate my front door. I was getting ready to just put out some flowers in a cute little holder when I saw this cute back to school door decoration at The Diary of Daves Wife.  I was inspired!  ( I think I even used the same apple she did!) I love her super cute polka-dot blog! (You know how much I looooveeee polka-dots!!)

I grabbed my supplies, some of which I had and some of which I purchased at my most favorite store ever...Hobby Lobby! (At 40% off of course!)  

I started by wrapping my polka-dotted ribbon around the wreath form. 

 Next I took my handy dandy chalkboard paint (I love this stuff!) and painted the small piece of wood to make my chalkboard.  My plan was to border the chalkboard with pieces of ruler.

Once I got the rulers cut apart I changed my mind..mostly because cut up rulers just look...well silly!

Then I had the bright idea to make my chalkboard border out of popsicle sticks.
Ends up, I wasn't crazy about that either. In the end, I just decided no border.

I like the way it turned out!

My daughter will start her senior year this week. I am trying to figure out where the time has gone, and I'm trying not to cry. Seriously though, this is almost as emotional as the first day of kindergarten. Another milestone, for her and for me. I've begged her to let me drop her off on her last first day (tears again.) Can you imagine she said no? Haha! :)

Happy Back to School Time Friends! :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Me by Me

So let's go back...waaayyyyy back!

Last week when my mom brought stuff over for my garage sale she brought me this book. I vaguely remember having this book as a kid and filling it out. It has brought back quite a few memories and I've had some laughs this week so I thought I would share some of it with you! :)

Yes, that says 1985.  
1985...I turned 11 that year and I was in 5th grade. Sometimes it seems like it was a long time ago, and sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday. Life has a tendency to do that. :)

One of these statements is still true...I bet you will never guess which one ;) Ha ha!

Nice....only this isn't my birthday. My birthday is in November, it just isn't November 11. It's not even November 1. I don't know. Maybe I was just excited about turning 11. Maybe I was thinking 11 for November. Maybe I just didn't know when my birthday was. (My mother says that is highly unlikely since I liked to tell everyone about my birthday for months leading up to the day-that must have been delightful.)
Who knows? :)

What amazed me most about this book was how some things stay the same

 I still like those things.  Art, crafts, reading, hanging with friends, going on vacation and of course having Christmas! :)

Oh, but how some things change

(The bottom three say She's So Unusual, Julian Lennon, jeans, polos, hightops)

Ha ha! Just for the record none of these things are my favorite any more, well except for jeans. I still really like those. I also never even owned a pair of high tops, I don't even remember wanting a pair of high tops! Too funny.

Some other funny/interesting things in this little book were that when I grew up I wanted to be an author or a marine biologist. For the record I am not a marine biologist (I live in Missouri!) but I do like to write. For the place I would most like to visit I put Disney World.  I didn't know then that I would get to visit Disney World...twice!
It was kind of fun to look back into the mind of 11 year old Amanda. :)

 I'm so glad my Mom is so sentimental and keeps everything. :)  She sure kept it safe!

Sharing this with Elaine at Sunny Simple Life :)