Friday, September 28, 2012

A Wreath & Some Randomness

Has September flown by for all of you too?  Mine has been a whirlwindNot the whole month, but the last two weeks seem like it!
I will start by sharing with you the one and only yarn wreath I will ever make. Seriously.

  This was not my favorite project. I have seen a hundred (maybe thousands) of these on blogs and Pinterest.  I loved them, I wanted to make one. So I did...or I tried to.  

Let me tell you, a lack of patience partnered with a case of perfectionism made this a hard project for me.  I had never tried rosettes or rolled flowers (whatever you call them) and it took me quite a few tries to get something semi- presentable. :)  I love how the wreath turned out, but that being said, it will be the only yarn wreath I ever make. If I say I want to make another one, someone please remind me! Lol :)

 So let me share some other things  I have been doing.
I attended a Christian Women's Conference. It was wonderful, just what I needed. God is pretty awesome like that. :) Three days with my Mom, my sister and other sisters in Christ was amazing. I met women from all over. Wonderful ladies from Minnesota, Texas, Oklahoma, California, Illinois, and London! :)  Friday night was awesome, 27,000 women singing and praising God It still gives me goosebumps.  The whole theme of the conference was hope. 
Here I am rocking my leopard print in front of the hope sign. :)
I have also been super busy getting everything together for my daughter's birthday party this weekend.  If you happen to know me in real life then you know how much I love birthday parties My love of parties and themed parties started long before I blogged  What started out as necessity (DIY because of money!) turned into a passion. I prefer to DIY now.
My daughter has had a slew of theme parties, I think the best ones were the Harry Potter party, the rock star party and the Amazing Race Party (which was her 15th birthday.)  After the Amazing Race party she told me she was too old for themed parties so we have just had low-key friends out to eat parties for her 16th & 17th.  I was thrilled when she told me what she wanted for her 18th birthday.  A theme! I think I jumped up and down!
Any guesses what the theme is ???? :) 
And one last thing! I have been looking for chairs for the craft room/studio (aka as the current garage-it's a work in progress!) I spotted these chairs the other day and they were $3 each, score! You can only imagine my surprise and delight when I found out it was half price day at the thrift storeI almost hugged the cashier. For real. $1.50 each! :)  Have I mentioned how much I love thrifting? 
So this weekend is jammed pack, full of lots of friends, fun and birthday stuff.  We do birthdays big around here! :)
I'll be back with lots of birthday on Monday Have a fabulous weekend friends! :)

I'm linking this post up with Jen at Four Marrs and One Venus for her Stinky Linky Party! Ha Ha! (you know, for my pain in the neck wreath!)


  1. Is your daughter having a tea party theme?? Is it sad, that I WANT to have a Harry Potter theme party just for myself?? Your daughter has good party theme choices! Ha! xo, Viv

    1. Ding ding ding! You are correct Viv! It was a tea party! A Wonderland tea party! No, it's not sad that you want a Harry Potter theme party for yourself, you want me to help plan it? He he he! :)

  2. Ahhh! That wreath is Awesome and super fun pretty- But holy heck I can see how that was a pain in the yang {or neck} WOW! Patience.. not one of my strong points so I will just pass on making one..But I love yours!!
    Thanks for hooking it up over at the Stinky Linky!!

    1. Thanks Jen! It was a pain. Patience is not one of my strong points either, I will just live vicariously through those bloggers that have it! :) Thanks for hosting the Stinky Linky Party! :)