Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Everyday is a Gift...Sign Tutorial

Hello Friends! Today I am going to show you a cute little sign I made... 
I was at my local Dollar Tree when I picked up this pretty vinyl. I love this saying: Everyday is a gift. I truly believe that, so I wanted to make a sign to put in my bedroom so that every morning  I will see it and have it serve as a reminder that each day is a gift from God.
Everyday is a gift has had a special meaning to me after the last week.  I have been so sick; like really, really sick. I missed three days of work, and the whole weekend.  I went to the doctor (which means I was really sick, I'm a little stubborn like that.) I am feeling better, but I underestimated  how much energy just everything takes; getting ready for work, walking in the building, working...I am exhausted.  I hope to be back to 100% soon, but regardless, every single day I am alive is a gift, and am grateful for it.
So back to my sign.  I thought I was just going to paint it on a piece of wood, but when I was at Hobby Lobby I found this sign, with hardware attached on back for half off and it was exactly the right size, so I went with it.  For less than $3 I took it home and got started.
Now here is where I made a mistake.  I should have primed it.  I don't know why I didn't.  I obviously wasn't thinking.  Instead I started painting with this hot pink paint (Modest Magenta-I love that name!)  This is the same kind of tester I used in my welcome sign (HERE)
It took five coats of paint to get it a good color.

Once I had the shade of pink I wanted I placed the $1 vinyl sticker on the sign, then I hung it above my closet door.

I like it. ☺ My whole sign cost around $5. I like when things turn out cheap and like I imagined in my head. ☺
 So, things got a bit mixed up because I've been sick, but I have decided to start a regular posting schedule as follows:
Monday-Monday Musings (about this and that)
Thursdays-A craft or project post
Saturday (or sometimes Sunday)-Thrift Store Saturdays (about my thrifting treasures for the week)
I may also do posts at other times, but I am going to make a concerted effort to post three times a week with this format. I hope that you will consider joining me by becoming a regular reader of This Little Light. You can follow me here on the blog, by e-mail or here on Facebook . I am just happy to have you here. 
I will be back Thursday with something! Lol (Can you tell I am flying by the seat of my pants this week?) See you soon friends! ☺

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  1. Hope you're feeling better sweetie. Your life was a gift to me. :) I love you! - Mom

    1. Awwww, thanks Mom :) You are so sweet. I love you too!

  2. Great project! I love those signs, and stuck, "a dream is a wish your heart makes" on my kiddos' crib. I just embellished some flip flops with butterflies found at the dollar store. Love that place! Great color on your sign, by the way!


    1. Thank you Kristin! I love the dollar store too! You just never know what you are going to find there! I saw those butterfiles, I just couldn't think of what to do with them. Embellished flip flops, what a great idea! I love that hot pink color, I have several other projects planned with it! Thanks for visiting me! :)

  3. LOVE your sign and dollar store projects. I made signs too. New follow. Stop by and follow me too at http://www.sewsweetvintage.com/2013/06/beachy-signs.html

    1. Thank you so much, for stopping by and for the follow! I am following you back, your beach sign turned out really good. I love that you have a "dressing" room. How fun! I also enjoyed your newest post about your backyard. I am in the process of fixing mine up. :)

  4. What a lovely saying. It made a fabulous sign.

    1. Thank you Traci! I agree, I love that saying! :)