Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Thrift Monday Store Musings

Hellllloooo Friends!  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Welcome to my "Thrift Store Saturday/Monday Musings"  mash-up! (On a Tuesday...confused yet? ☺)
So this is what I have been doing instead of blogging: 
hanging out with these two sweethearts!
My two middle nieces, Miss K & Miss T came to visit for a few days! Oh I love these girls! (and their sisters; Miss A, who didn't come because she was busy celebrating her upcoming birthday, and Miss G because she is still too little to leave Mommy for very long.)
Saturday morning my Mom got to sneak away for a bit (Thanks Dad!) and we met for our weekly coffee/thrifting date.
(Worth every point...yummmm!)

I got this awesome little rolling cart...I'm thinking about putting it in the pantry, but really it could go so many places...between the washing machine & dryer, in the bathroom, in the craft room...For $5 I couldn't pass it up.

A Swiffer for $1. 

This lantern that I have big plans for, $2.
And a dress that I was going to show you but the picture makes it look ugly. It's not. Maybe you will see me wearing it someday and I will tell you about my $2 dress ☺

I love thrifting.  I think I say that every week.  True Story.
On Sunday after church we met my sister at the zoo so she could pick up the girls. It was an awesome, fun afternoon. The weather was fantastic!!

We even got to see the new baby elephant!

We said good-bye to my sister and her girls and then topped off our lovely afternoon/weekend with a stop at Trader Joe's.  (When you live 2 hours from a Trader Joe's you always make time to stop when you are there!)  I wish they would bring one a little closer to me...fingers crossed ☺

I am linking my Thrift Monday Store Musings on a Tuesday (haha that's a mouthful) up with Sara (It's Good To Be Queen) again at her Thrifted Thursday Linky Party
Thanks Friends! Come Back Soon!


  1. Looove that rolling cart! Great price!

    Never visited a Trader Joes. Lucky girl. One day....

    1. You have never visited a Trader Joe's because St. Louis is hogging them all!! We have 5 of them in Missouri and 4 of them are in St. Louis! Lol :)