Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday, Monday

Hellloooo Friends! Well hasn't July just flown on by?  I  sure have missed you people! I had a computer problem and I thought it was gone forever, but I played with it until it I got it working again and now it is back in commission! Whoop-whoop! I do have an IPhone, but evidently all I know how to do is check Facebook, Pinterest, Vine and play Family Feud.  I really should get with the program.

So, now my dilemma is what to talk about first! My nieces, cupcakes, thrifting, the great youth retreat I went on last weekend, the Royal baby?  Ha, ha, I don't really need to discuss the royal baby, it just seems like all the bloggers did, I just didn't want to be left out!
My nieces have been here a couple of times this summer and most recently they came for a week of bible school.  They are cute, they are sweet, they are awesome...I'm not partial or anything ☺

Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes!
 I love cupcakes.  I made some that looked like popcorn for bible school (It was a roller coaster/amusement park theme.) 

Later that week I made birthday cupcakes for Miss T and Miss A's combined July family birthday celebration.  They each got to pick what kind of cupcakes they wanted. Three year old Miss T chose orange cupcakes with purple monsters on top.

Eight year old Miss A ordered chocolate cupcakes with pink and blue icing.

Thrifting-I've done a bit here and there when I had time.  July has been crazy busy, but I found a little time to thrift. 

Last but not least, I spent last weekend at this beautiful Christian retreat with a wonderful group of kids from our youth group.  (I will post more about that later.)

I hope everyone had a magnificent Monday! I will be back later this week to share...something! Lol
Later friends! ☺


  1. I LOVEEEE a good cake stand!!!! And those popcorn cupcakes are so cute!!!!

    1. That is my third (yikes!) cake stand, I'm a little addicted :) Thank you, they were a big hit at bible school! :)