Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Spray Paint Sunday

Helllloooo FriendsWe have been having crazy warm temps here in Missouri, is that happening where you live too?

When the weather gets cold my spray paint projects get banished to the garage (aka my future craft room-it's a work in progress.)  When the temp was in the upper 70's on Sunday (after church)  I took advantage of the warm spring December afternoon and decided to have a spray paint palooza. :)
I spread a big plastic tarp across my back patio, gathered my supplies and grabbed every project that I have been putting off out of the garage and got to work.
My projects included three shelves for my daughter's room (all snapped up at a dollar or less) a shelf for my Mom, a big awesome fancy frame that I have a project in mind for, another frame that I was going to throw away that will become a Christmas craft, and a candle holder that I love but needed updated.
I went through almost three cans of primer....and then I painted.  My favorite part.  I spray painted all afternoon.  It was starting to get dark when I finished.  I was tired and my finger was a little sore, but yesterday I could barely grasp anything.  I used muscles in my arm I didn't even know I had!
I really love how spray paint transforms things.   I also love when things turn out like I imagined in my head.  :)
My spray paint Sunday gave me a good start on some projects I have been meaning to do.  Have you done any fun projects lately?

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