Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top of The Mornin' or Evenin' Or Whatever....

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

When it comes to St. Patrick's day I don't do much decorating around the house, ok, I do NO decorating around the house...just on the front door.  I love holidays, I do, I do!

This is just a simple sparkly wreath from the $1.00/$2.50 section at Target paired with felt hanger from the Dollar Tree.  Just enough green and sparkle to make me happy! :)

I haven't felt great this week, some nasty cold/virus junk in my head and chest.  Boooo.  I can't stand being sick when the weather is so beautiful!  I have no plans today, just enjoying a lazy, rainy day, and I probably won't see anyone but my family (who I would like to believe would not pinch me, but I know better!) just in case  I'm sporting my green today....on my shirt and my nails :)

Have I mentioned how much I love sparkly things?

This Irish Blessing is also something I love!

May You Always Be Blessed
With Walls For The Wind
A Roof For The Rain
A Warm Cup Of Tea By The Fire
Laughter To Cheer You
Those You Love Near You
And All That Your
Heart Might Desire
                         -Irish Blessing

Isn't that beautiful? I wish those things for you, as well as the

Happy St. Patrick's Day Friends!

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