Sunday, March 11, 2012

It all started with a button....

This button.....

I found it at the bottom of my washing machine, an AWOL button off my one of my favorite cardigans.

I set out to one of the happiest places on earth (No, not Disney) perhaps I should rephrase that...I set out to one of MY happiest places on earth, Hobby Lobby. 

Armed with my 40% of coupon, I went to buy turquoise thread to fix the missing button.  Really, that was my plan.  Really. Guess what? They were out of turquoise thread! 

And that my friends is when my plan went haywire. I couldn't let my 40% coupon go to waste, so I decided to browse the store.  Great idea...NOT So an hour or so later I exited the store with these

Not bad, the pretty Easter eggs were already 40% off, so I used the coupon on one sheet of scrapbook paper.  I am sooo glad I didn't let it go to waste. :)  I should have just walked away then, and gone home.  But, when I have an idea there is no stopping me.

I headed to the Dollar Tree (also one of my favorite places) to get some wooden clothes pins for the scrapbook paper project.  While I was at the Dollar Tree, I found some fun polka dot ribbon in four spring colors and inspiration hit again.  Soooo.....back to Hobby Lobby I went.  This time I got a white canvas bag and some white ribbon, which of course I paid full price for because I had already used the 40% coupon wisely on a piece of  .59 scrapbook paper. 

I headed home with all my loot and three different projects in my head.

I still don't have any turquoise thread.  

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